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Federal 'Right to Try' Legislation - perpetuating a misguided skepticism towards the FDA [From CRITical Thinking]

George Consortium member Jeanie Kim, with the Collaboration for Research Integrity and Transparency (CRIT) at Yale Law School, has written a detailed look at the proposed federal "right to try" legislation.  Wendy Parmet and Elisabeth Ryan wrote about the Senate bill on PHLW a few months ago; Jeanie's commentary serves as a great companion piece, emphasizing the potential dangers of making an end run around the FDA.

A Safer Way to Legalize Marijuana [from Health Affairs Blog]

Eight US states, the District of Columbia, and the country of Uruguay have recently legalized the recreational use of marijuana, with Canada and more US states poised to do the same. The new laws include limits on youth access, operation of motor vehicles when using, and high-volume purchases or possession. However, none of the laws consider which kinds of marijuana products should and should not be legally sold.

"Right to Try" May Do More Harm Than Good

When the Senate approved the “Right to Try Act of 2017” on August 3, Republican sponsor Senator Ron Johnson hailed it as a law that helps “real people facing their mortality with no hope.”  The bill allows patients with “a life-threatening disease or condition” who have “exhausted approved treatment options” to go directly to pharmaceutical companies and request access to drugs or devices not yet approved through the traditional process.  The bill does not, however, require those drug companies to grant any such requests.  It also does not address how much drug companies can charge those patients for access. And the rhetoric hailing it as a savior for patients “with no hope” ignores the fact that the FDA already has an Expanded Access (Compassionate Use) procedure that allows patients to access investigational medical products outside of clinical trials.